Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wax Turkey

It seems hard to find vintage Thanksgiving theme decor.  Other than oodles of pumpkins & leaves, it's tough.  I'd like more turkey items!  Postcards, platters, and school items would be ideal.  This summer, at a local flea market, I scored an old wax turkey candle for one dollar!

It looks kind of ugly alone, but it's WAY cuter if you put it in a display.  The perfect spot for it was on an old cast iron corn fritter mold!  I had to fork out $15 for the iron. But after cruising a swap meet all day, that was the best deal.  You know how it is, when you get your heart set on something.

I snatched the lovely pottery last week at a thrift shop.  It was marked $7.50 in three places.  I'm pretty sure they were firm on the price!  The bottom is labeled USA 2003.  I'm hoping that's not the year...but a model number.  It just caught my eye & I loved the rich color.

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  1. The turkey is cuter in a display :) The pottery is beautiful; I know nothing about pottery, but this looks vintage-y and is great for fall decor! Great finds!