Friday, August 30, 2013

Another Mail Organizer

When I find the right containers,
adding large springs can transform them into
handy mail organizers!
Here is my first one:
It sold swiftly!
Now here is the tool box variation:
The trick is to find a container narrow enough to squeeze
the old bed springs in tightly. 
It must also be tall enough that they don't stick out the top
too much & catch or cut people.

This tool box had many holes drilled in the bottom.
I used a vintage calendar page to line the bottom.

This tool box is cute & primitive.
It's also been used for many years,
because the handles is worn completely smooth!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013


Hello friends.
Summer is zipping by & I've been so busy,
my garage full of junk hasn't had much action lately.
I do want to share with you a few great things
that caught my eye here & there this year.
This metal turkey from the Blueberry Festival
in Ely Minnesota is so cool!
I thought it was genius & after making another
round at the fair, it was sold!
The creator is Dave from Sonnek Metal Art
out of Mapleton, MN.
I found a video on YOUTUBE  of some art.
(I'm assuming these are the artist's parents)
Another great idea from the same festival is Zipper Art.
The vendor there said she didn't sell online,
because her art was so 3D it didn't photograph
good enough for folks to see the beauty.
Here is an artist online that has some similar art...
 Recycled Zipper art cabin on mountain landscape
Zipper Art - Delicious, Delightful and Really Big Stuff page

The last idea to share is a clever scene
from my grandpa's old farm house.
Two of my aunts that own it
and boy do they have good taste!

This is the back of a horse shelter.
It also makes a cute backdrop!
This is a shot of my boys & I (rockin' the mud boots)
 at our last farm event, a baby shower for 3 gals!
Here is the most amazing farm house in the world...

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Sweet Short Summer

It's been a great summer in Minnesota.  The temps have been consistently in the 70's.  Last year was dreadful with several months of 90 degrees.  So as a little tribute to the amazing weather, I'm posting some garden pics.  Lets savor every moment, because summer is zipping by.


sedum & foxglove
bachelor button
stargazer lily

sun coleus & salvia

gloriosa daisy

coral bells & nicotiana



purple basil & geraniums
sun power hosta



home sweet home
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Button Art

Here is my first attempt at a toilet paper roll pattern.
I cut a square from some reclaimed wood.
The technique of using toilet paper rolls
 as a background is from Pinterest.
The buttons were adhered with E6000.
It's the best glue in the world.
The center is a paper die cut shape from my
Sizzix machine. I stamped the phrase in the middle.


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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Etsy Items

I took the time to list some new items on Etsy!
It's a unique batch of vintage goodness.
The map is from an old Sadlier's Excelsior Geography
book from 1875.  I only acquired about half the book,
but was fascinated by what was there!
That dates back to when some land was still titled
Indian Territory & North/South Dakota were one state.
The dog eared edges of the pages & lovely vintage tones
make these maps a work of art!
I hope someone from the east coast will appreciate it.