Friday, July 18, 2014

Door Bookshelf, Jars & Bats

I love Pinterest. 
It inspires me and provides a paperless
place to stash (almost all) my ideas.
This is my version of the blue canning jar
flower vase set. It's one of many uses for these
amazing old colored jars.  It's fresh cut flower
season here in my yard!  I love the constant
glow of many bright & delightful colors.
Please follow me on Pinterest,
or just my "jars" pins.  I'm a
heavy pinner, so you'll find
plenty to sift through on rainy
days or quiet evenings!!!
Another fun Page is my collection of "old doors" pins.
Here is a door bookshelf I made.  One thing no one
ever tells you online is that doors are always worn
down from swinging for years & need a fresh
straight cut on the bottom or it will end up sitting
crooked.  Also, they are hard high quality wood,
which requires a good saw & sharp blade.
When you make a bookshelf like this,
it is gonna be darn heavy.  It must be Oak.


These doors were in great chippy crackle condition.
I have not paid more than $5 for an old door.
They are fairly abundant at garage sales.

One last addition to his post today...
I've listed some cute old baseball bats on my
Etsy site.  The wooden bats are getting hard to
find, so I love making them available to crafters
and collectors. 

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Friday, July 11, 2014


Hi folk. I'm sure you're all busy busy, just like me.
I'll keep the post short, since I need to pack for
a cabin trip, go to the post office, and rush off to
swimming lessons for the little guy & then work.
I've finally put to use the random
old plates from garage sales.
This one made a good backdrop
to highlight my little gnome.
That old tea cup was missing the bottom,
so I planted that hen-n-chick in it.

Here is a blue willow plate with Thyme planted in front.

Have a great weekend.
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Window Shelter

We all love old windows.
There are so many fabulous craft projects and uses!
I made a victorian style window "house" for my garden.
These windows are out of Richard Dean Anderson's
cabin in northern Minnesota.
Yes, I'm talking about Macgyver.
Photo: Did you know that MacGyver's Swiss Army Knife changed a few times? A Victorinox was used in the show, but a Wenger in the opening credits.  
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Only a certain age group will remember him &
his exciting show with great ingenuity!
  His historic log home was being updated by
the new owner and I found the windows for
sale on craigslist. I purchased a good stack too!


The ridge cap is rusty old decorative tin.
It came out of a junk pile,
and I was thrilled to find a use for it!

Back in victorian days, these window houses
would protect their most precious plants.
In my mind, they were meant to keep
 the dogs from digging them
 up or laying on them! ha!

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