Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Junk Bonanza Spring 2015

I'm still reveling in the fun "sister day" at 
Junk Bonanza on Saturday.
The swells of people were beyond
amazing.  But the great junk & displays
made it worth maneuvering through the crowds.

Saturday had to have been a record attendance.

After 1:00, it calmed down a little.

There were great pieces of furniture.
I spotted lots of shelves, cabinets
 & dressers to admire.

How neat is this old water trough?
It had rolling wheels too.

The upper shelf shows a very hot item.
Those Minnesota shaped books were 
flying out of this booth at great speed!
My sister bought one too.
There were wooden states a booth called Scout.

There were adorable old store displays.

If you wanted an old toy truck
for your garden or shelf, 
they had MANY to choose from.

You didn't have to look far
for a good laugh either!

This mirror made me chuckle.

And speaking of mirrors...

I LOVED this car door creation.

There were stacks of suitcases everywhere.
This one was the best.

One booth even had boom box stereo suitcases!

You could spend all three days at the show,
just picking through all the small stuff.

This picket fence flag caught my eye.
There were SOLD signs everywhere!

This rusty metal was among
the SOLD items!
Hard to believe, I know.
It is peppered with bullet holes.

A few booths had sculptures.

The displays were top notch.

This unique stool stood out.
It's a fun shape.

The next three pictures are from
one of my favorite booths that day!

I have some regret about that cool metal pan.
It would have been a great planter.

Many shoppers were dazzled by these 
photo boards!

In case you didn't see this on the news,
here is that amazing birdhouse....

I hope you've enjoyed my 
photo heavy post about the
best junk show there is!

I'll show more about what we
purchased in another blog post!

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

ID me

I have a very handy group to 
invite you to join.

It's a club on Facebook that
is geared towards helping people
identify items.  There are lots
of vintage items posted or various
junk discoveries from people that
metal detect & bottle dig.

The best thing about it is
how entertaining it is!
You'll learn so much,
just from being a part of the group.
The people will reply 
lightning fast and must 
be research gurus.

I posted this old metal
container, with two compartments.
I assumed it was some sort of
military spice or pill container.
It's marked T & F.

I try to give them a common item in 
the picture for size comparison.

Within a few hours I had an answer.

Who knew?

I learned about a vintage style gun
that I never knew existed &
will file those container images in
my junk filled brain
for future reference.