Friday, February 27, 2015

Upcycled Envelopes & Book Pages

I recently purchased 
a huge lot of  vintage used envelopes!
These bundled beauties were
crying out to be used and adored.

There are over 200 of them total!
They came in bundles of 12 -24.
The dates are 1900-1930's!

A printing company kept a good record of
 all of the payments and inquires received!

I plan to resell some,
 put a few in my
and upcycle some in crafts!

Here is are the first few 
greeting cards I've designed, 
using the ephemera....

Keep checking my blog for more projects 
with these envelopes.
  Now, on to the next upcycled cards!

Here in the Midwest, it seems that most
men (and women) love to fish. 
 So I found it very appropriate to make 
a few greeting cards using some
 darling images from vintage book pages.  

I'll be stashing away 
a similar card for my
 hubby & also one for the
Father's Day will be
here before we know it!

All of the cards shown
 are now available in
my Etsy shop!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I bought a box of shabby knobs 
a long time ago.  When I spotted 
the cute "doorknob holders" in 
a Romantic Country magazine
back in December 2014,
it sparked some ambition!

I used up some of my bulk 
dilapidated jewelry
fragments from the thrift store.
Pearls, rhinestones & some heavy
 gauge wire is all you need!

This one is extra shabby 
with all that rust!

This white one is my 

You can see in the photo above,
how I just used thin wire to 
string the pearls on and
make a perfect fit around the knob.

Even a pin with missing
stones adds enough bling
for some sparkle & shine!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Do you know that intriguing word...

It means "paper items that were originally
meant to be discarded after use, but have 
since become collectible".

Most of these things fascinate me.
You might also adore tickets,
handwritten letters, greeting cards,
ledgers, envelops and more!

I've been making new greeting cards out 
of  this & that.  Many times, I'll buy 
old books that are in shambles.
That statue image was rescued from a 
dilapidated book.  It had many
great images, all black & white.

The score card was so cute,
especially having been used!
That darling bike silhouette is

This next card uses old dictionary pages
that have been cut into flower shapes!

I love all the vintage looking stamps 
available today.  How cute is that pen?

There are many more projects like
this to share.  But for those that aren't 
paper crafters, I'll try & keep my posts
a blend of various junk topics.
All comments are appreciated!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Vintage Greeting Cards

Hi folks. I know I've been M.I.A. for a while.
However, it's time to share what has me 
virtually obsessed.

My aunt gave me an old album full
of vintage greeting cards.

I was able to carefully peel them off the glued pages.
Most were anniversary theme.  I found a few dated ones,
so I'm confident they're from the 1940's.  

Aren't they lovely???
I am smitten with each & every one!

So now I'm cutting bits & pieces out 
and creating new cards with old flair!

The images are dreamy art!  
A few added embellishments give them dimension.

Some old cards can make THREE new cards!
Look how they are folded...

The next three cards were made with one old card.

Aren't those tiny flowers & doves darling???!

I've had to work around lots of 
anniversary bells, but have been 
able to salvage flower borders.

These yellow rose borders make my heart sing!
Adding them to a heartfelt card 
is sure to brighten someones day.

I like to leave some cards blank, for any occasion.

The mother card has a dictionary page
for the background.

This card has sweet butterflies stamped on,
to help fill out the blank spaces.

I hope you've enjoyed my current craft projects!  
Let me know what you think of these cards. 
 Do you think YOU would ever buy some to send out?  
I need some junker friend feedback!

All stamps used are from

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