Friday, January 31, 2014


It's a northwoods thing...
plaid & deer.
I love deer, the cabin look, and all things "up north".
These medium sized (10x14") checkered metal trays
were masked using some Cricut cut adhesive vinyl
and the spray painted in matte black.

Just the other day I was taking photos of
some deer on the other side of our frozen lake.

So pretty...and fun to watch!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Old Hinge Binge

I've been inspired by Mamie Jane's creative projects.
 She has one of my favorite blogs!

It's about time I used some of my vintage
hinges!  Plus I got to do a little stamping too.
This is the base....
and a back view...
I love combining paper crafts & junk
on projects.  Fun fun.
Here is the second one...

The last one uses a door knob plate...


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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shabby Chick!

I have to share with you this simply precious Easter chick.
Some may laugh & say it looks like a dead mouse
(like the checkout teenage girls where I bought it),
but to me it is absolutely delightful!
Am I way off here?
Maybe it's best to decide after a little creative display.

He's dingy & shabby, in such a good way!
It's a shame he's missing his wind up key.
My guess it that he'll peck the ground & hop.

Swing by my Etsy shop for this birdie & other vintage items.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Diamond Upgrade!

It's easier to repaint "not so old" furniture.
It's sturdy, so when you're sanding the spindles
don't wobble. There is no wood filling to do either.
 This $3 garage sale find was a fun one to give
the diamond upgrade!

I sanded it, then used one thin streaky layer of
Clark & Kensington (Ace Hardware) Forgotten Secret.
I hate this paint, because it dries tacky.
But it has a primer in it, and I love the color.
It is self healing also, which is only good if you
want a perfect look.
So needless to say, I'm trying to use up the can!
For the top:
I used my Cricut to cut the stencil.
The black Valspar brand is called Forged Iron.
That's one of my favorites for the decorative
paint layers I do!
For the bottom:
I didn't want to paint around the spindles,
so I hand cut the giant diamonds from some
tag board to make a stencil.
It all got a light sanding and then some
furniture wax.  According to my husband,
the wax smells like diesel fuel.  It kind of does,
until it dries.  It's Johnson brand paste wax.


Can you spot that cigarette burn?
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Calendar Pole

It's a new year.  Using some of my vintage
odds & ends, I made mini calendar poles.
How fun to a have a unique piece like this
on your desk or in your creative work area?

You would rip off the month as it passes. When the year
ends, add your own photograph or other item to display
by simply punching a hole in it and taking out that one
screw to attach it with!

It's obvious the pole is a croquet mallet handle.
The base is chippy old blue house siding .
I chose NOT to match the colors, for an
eclectic style & noticeably repurposed look!
The metal star is an candle holder that I pounded flat.
 The paper calendars are printed
from the Maya Road Pinterest post.
You can find it under my "printables" board.
 Please follow me! Jane Oetterer

The knob "finales" were from a lot I purchased off
Ebay.  The were all mismatched & oddly sized,
so I've been using them up singularly instead of
on furniture.  They add that touch of beauty to this
otherwise grungy creation!
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Friday, January 3, 2014

Lovely Lace

Check out this absolutely delightful dress from the 50's! It's new in my Etsy shop this weekend.  It features rhinestone buttons and is in near perfect condition.  Someone took very good care of it for a long time. 


I'm no vintage clothing expert, so some research helped me date it.  It is very fascinating to me how times have changed!  Clothing was left unserged for personal fitting alterations before the 1960s.  There are also some tags that can be sure signs of the era.  Metal zippers & care instructions can also be clues.