Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Jars

It's a bit early, don't be mad!
The Christmas bug bit me & I can't help but give in.  
We have snow on the ground & it's been cold.
So here starts my Christmas crafts & decorations...

I've done a garden theme canning jar set,
but this is my first holiday one!

Each jar was filled with various Christmas or winter items.
You can see the bottle brush tree, false snow, and
some red berries.  I also used a metal holly cookie cutter,
pine boughs, cinnamon sticks, and birch bark.

I was on a role, so I jazzed up this 
thrift find.

This homemade jigsaw deer didn't sell
for me last year.  I'm hoping the bell wreath
around his neck will give him more festive appeal!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Desk Organizer

It's been a few months since Junk Bonanza, but I am ready to share my biggest purchase.  When you go to a show like that, you never know what you'll end up buying.  I just NEEDED this item.  Why?  No idea.  It spoke to me & it was the only one I saw.  It caught my eye.  Plus I knew there were 3 possible locations in my house that it might fit.  It is extremely long!

Can you believe this measures a whopping 54 1/2", which is ironically what my Hoosier cabinet measures!  What are the odds?

There are lots of cubbies to fill & will keep  me searching for fun little items.
Don't you LOVE the mismatched drawer pulls?

It has some flaws, which honestly make me love it more.
(Is that strange?) This cubbie edge is chipped wood.

One of these circle drawers is long gone missing.

To me, it's no matter.

Are you ready for the real shocker?
My jaw dropped when I saw this....

It looks like those curved edges, 
framing my wedding photograph are just

Guess again!


I can't believe someone took the time to add
such an amazing detail to this desk top!
I'm so glad they aren't missing & still function.

Did you notice the film strip bow, directly below the organizer?

The vendors formerly know as Pickers Playground,
had me wishing I'd bought this bow at the April show.
I snatched one up this fall & they now call themselves
They've opened a shop in Wisconsin!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my favorite new-old item!
Sadly, I am uncertain of which vendor sold this to me.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Painted Jars

If you've been following me here through the years,
you know I love dry hydrangeas!
I end up with many bundles each year from
my greenhouse job. They make great 
fall decor & are cheap crafts.

This milk jug was painted with Tim Holtz Distress Paint.
It didn't seem to cover well, but after a few coats 
I realized it had great adhesion!

I added a handmade tag and some
shabby ribbon to jazz it up.

The Ball jar was painted with Dutch Boy.
I added a tag, key & some lace!

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