Monday, July 29, 2013

Old Map Banner

I love banners.
They're pretty easy to make.
They just don't sell well here.
So when I *FINALLY* sold one from my booth,
it was a pleasure to make a replacement!
I dug out an old atlas &
got creative!
It appears that I was in a hurry when I hung it at my craft booth!
It's not centered at all!
Keep in mind it's hard to hang this stuff by yourself!

If you try & make one of these,
remember to use various states/countries or pages.
The mix of blue, yellow, pink & green is very appealing.
Then sew them in a row so the colors are spaced &
you don't end up with all one color in a clump!
Did you notice my mail organizer?
I found this old metal one at a garage sale.
The vintage appeal called to me.
Plus you may know I'm a sucker for decals,
even if they are funny poodles!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Child's Suitcase

I just love garage sales because you can stumble upon the
most unique items.
The hardest part is knowing when to keep those
extra original items, or when to sell.
This little suitcase was so cute,
but seemed like it would be better
 appreciated somewhere else.
I have the perfect model to show you it!
So adorable!
(both the child & suitcase)
But have you EVER seen one of these?
It was so quaint and in great condition.
I think a little granny had it up in the attic for a while.
It sold within a week.
I'm pretty excited it likely went to
a very spoiled grandchild!
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Friday, July 19, 2013


Sometimes you'll find a good old piece of furniture at a garage sale
and have no choice but to take it home & give it new life!
Even if you don't have room & don't intend to keep it!
That's what happened when I saw a sturdy old round
pedestal style RED table at a garage sale.
It had the worst case of chippy varnish I'd ever seen,
but seemed like a fairly easy project.
Three hours of sanding gave me a rustic finish.

Everyone that saw it in my garage fell in love with the color.
So the majority ruled & it stayed half sanded...
with a special touch of course!

Here is the tutorial I used to help get my design.
Using her tip on making a pattern of paper.
My charcoal paint is Forged Iron by Valspar.
After that, a few coats of Poly gave it a protective layer.
It also brought the color to life!
It went from a county coral to a vivid deep orange!
It's perfectly imperfect!
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Garden Junk Tour

Hi there junkers.  Today I'm giving you a tour of my junky garden.  My theory is: if it has any sort of drain holes, then it can be planted in!  I also love rusty accents and thrifty finds!  So enjoy the pics...

I found this tool box on a dirt road alley many years
ago.  It had fallen out of someones truck.
This is my unique porcelain sink planter.
Galvanized wash tubs are my favorite planters!
My father's mystery metal may be an old
tractor bucket.
This feed bucket already had 3 drain holes
in it and is a nice rusty green!
This hay rack was $3 at a garage sale!
I believe this is an old livestock
salt block holder.
Thanks for looking,
have a great weekend!
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Four Pane

I purchased 5 windows for $2 each at a garage sale.
They were pretty rough, but still shabby cute!
A little patch job ensured they wouldn't fall apart.

Using my Cricut die cut machine & adhesive vinyl,
I cut out letters to make part of a Bible verse.

This is the perfect verse to place by your doorway,
don't you think?
Some days on my way to work,
I need a little pep talk!
The next window took WAY more time to do,
but is such a catchy hymn!
Do you just LOVE this song?
I do. I really do.
Well, I have three more windows to do,
so keep checking the blog.
You never know what crazy ideas might strike me!
Follow my WINDOWS board on Pinterest,
if you need more ideas!
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stroller Table

If you follow my blog you may have seen this
old toy stroller that had cracked vinyl.
My ideas for this tattered old toy were:
Create a pattern & then
 sew a new liner
 Repurpose it into
something unique
Well, I made the executive decision to give this
stroller a new life. The first step was use a
bolt cutter to snip off the accordion shade
that would have sheltered the doll's head.
Next I replaced some missing rivets
with bolts to hold the folding stroller up.
Then I fabricated a "table top" from
salvaged chippy blue bead board.
I placed the boards underneath snug enough
against the aluminum frame, so it wouldn't
slide around. Those brace boards sit recessed
down into the buggy frame.
It looked a  little rough & unfinished to me.
So here is the next step...
I dug out a feed sack
from my stash of vintage
linens & fabric.
Then I trimmed a strip off,
the long way for an adorable "skirt".
The lace trim really made it dainty.
Silver thumb tacks worked perfectly
for securing it to the narrow wood edges.
This little side table would make a precious
accent in a child's nursery.
I did leave this table as a rolling mobile unit,
complete with nostalgic squeaking wheels!
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