Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GIANT ornament

This idea sparked when I dismantled an old cedar arbor top.  My greenhouse job has provided me with many odds & ends through the years.  It's always fun to make something out of nothing!

What would you have come up with?  It's like psycology..."what do you see?"

                                An ORNAMENT!

That's when the real work began.  Sewing, ironing, snipping wire, sawing, pounding & stapling. The miracle was my sewing was straight!  I took the plunge & bought a fabric marker.  What a difference that made!  The right side got stretched a little to hard, but it's nearly perfect.  I'm not into perfection anyhow.  The floor tiles & two lines in the chicken wire gave me good lines to match up also.

White burlap?  I'm in love.

The best part was decorating it with a bow & greens.  I'm pricing this puppy high at the craft show, because I want to keep it & it was a lot of work!  It's a whopping 45" wide!  I think I'd be best in a covered porch or in an entry way.

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