Friday, September 27, 2013

Old Radio

I have a fun trash to treasure post to share today.
When buying several items from a junk yard,
the seller gave me this old radio as a little bonus.
He said "he didn't have the heart to throw it away".
It's a good thing he didn't! 
I love it.
Yes, it IS the same furniture!
The wood finish seemed nice enough to salvage,
so I opted NOT to paint.
I gently tapped out the thin broken face of the radio
with a hammer.  It might make a good template for
another craft someday. It was instantly transformed
from a radio to cute curio shelving!
There were about 6 areas of veneer lifting off,
so I consulted YOUTUBE on this issue!
I used a paintbrush to reach glue back in under some of the this
veneer lifted edges.  Wax paper worked great & simply wiping
excess glue off with a damp rag!

The shelves had an inch of dust & large holes.
I cut plywood to fit in each shelf space.
They were sanded & screwed down.
Then I modge podged on scrapbooking paper
that had a yard stick pattern by BoBunny.
This was my best podge podge job ever!
Practice makes perfect, and thick paper helps too!
The vintage yardsticks on front were cut to fit each space.
They ensured that no one would see that second level
of plywood shelving!!!



The last step was giving the wood finish a spa treatment!
I used my reliable Daddy Van's furniture polish.
Much better!
It gives it a nice glow & protective layer.
Amazing...isn't it?
Here she is...
all dolled up in my craft booth:

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Book Pages

You may already know that I am a book wrecker.
It's cruel, but true.  I have no guilt.
I find the illustrations so lovely,
why not enjoy them everyday in your home
rather than once a year?!!!


I have other pages (different animals) left to use,
but only had two vintage frames.

The cats are neat also.
Now my question to you is:
Would you keep these items as a pair or split them up?
I desperately want to keep the deer one.
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Best Garden Pics

We expect frost here tonight, or it'll be close.
So I want to share some pictures of my
gardens before this growing season is
officially over.


I love my old sink, spilling over with hybrid moss rose!

My vegetable garden would not be complete
without rows of cutting flowers!
zinnias, gladiolas, cosmo, statice & sunflowers

I got this idea out of a Flea Market Garden magazine.
The celosia was slow to grow & a little uneven,
but still made people laugh.

My apple crop has been great,
enough to share with friends!
There are six trees in my orchard.

This coleus is actually a hanging basket that I took the wires off.

This vine is one of my favorites &
 I grow it from seed every year.

This funnel idea is also from Flea Market Garden magazine.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Garage Sale Bliss

Do you want to see some
These were all from one sale,
dirt cheap!
He said he had a whole ton more in his house,
plus a bunch of Polaroids I passed on.
Wow.  I love old cameras.
Have you every played around with one?
I had a heck of a time getting into the Brownie.
Thanks to YOUTUBE, I solved that mystery!
Too bad none of them had a stash of money inside.
The same sale offered up THEE #1 item
on my summer garage sale wish list:

THAT my friends, is the mother load.
I simply ADORE blue jars.
They've been making some limited edition reproductions ones.
  But the blue is bright and easy to discern. 
 Have you seen them in Walmart?
Vintage-inspired Blue Tined Mason Jars! Limited edition only available this year.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Etsy Trike

I've listed a very cool
retro tricyle on Etsy!
Murray Indian Flyer Retro Blue Trike Tricycle Fender Bike Radio
This old Murray bike from the 60's was called
an Indian Flyer.
I adore the large fender & rich blue color.
 There are more detailed photographs on Esty.
Please take time to visit my Esty store:


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Retreat Decor

I feel so fancy this week.
Just finished a special order sign
decorated the chapel at a camp for
the women's retreat.
I'm sad to say I delivered the sign
and forgot to take a photograph!
At some point I might stop &
ask the gal if she'd let me snap some
pics for my little photo album of
handmade creations.
I like to keep a history of my
creative progress!
I did take some images of the camp display.
The theme was
so anything related to that was packed in my car
and brought along for props.
Here is a snapshot of the entry to the chapel.
I know you are lovin' the retro tin background!
My mums weren't quite blooming,
so I used some dark foliage plants instead.
The rollerskates were $3 at a garage sale
and the skateboard was my son's.

Shaggy green carpet?
Oh yes.

Dry corn tassels last for years and make
a cute arrangement in blue jars.

Well, that's my shabby display!
I'd love to hear some feedback.
What do you like or dislike?
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