Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Bottles

I finally made good use of some old
bottles that fill crates in my basement!
The look pretty cute, all jazzed up.  I used
fabric bows, rich fall flowers &
stamped tags.
This old Hi-lex bleach jug is the perfect
brown.  It's a big bottle with an fabric bow
made from a salvaged bed sheet! 

Paper crafting is another passion of mine,
so combing that with vintage items
really makes me happy!
These original fall creations are a nice
break from the same old decor found in stores.

The second bottle is tall, narrow & green.
I think the green still goes pretty well
with the fall theme & color scheme.


This tag is so sweet, with it's warm saying
and darling little flower!
I added a leaf print fabric bow & a strip of
burlap for a hefty stack of adornment.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014


This is one of those BAM! in-your-face
kind of paint jobs.
I rescued this frame from a road side free box.
It was brown & had a screen in it with a
painted snowman.  I painted the frame
"forgotten secret" turquoise and put
some chicken wire in it.  Wah-lah, a useful
clipboard for a college kid or color loving hipster!
Do you love my sumo wrestling nephew pic?
I use portraits that are way old for examples
on my crafts so customers can visualize it's use.
The frame already had the fabric holes up top,
so I picked some hot pink for mega contrast.
I think the bow makes this frame a show stopper.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Minnow Can

The nights are cool here in Minnesota
so it's starting feel a bit like fall.
I'd like to share an easy project
using some dry hydrangea blooms &
an old minnow can.
I make burlap bows from the seed potato sacks
we have left at my greenhouse job.
It's a craft that I perfected when working at
a tree farm making balsam wreaths
and decorating them.
The dry flowers are from some shrub
pruning jobs we do for customers in
the fall when the greenhouse slows down.
You can say I find a use for almost everything!

For all my vendor friends:
these simple minnow can projects sell
really well.  I've sold two so far,
my coffee shop craft rental space is
in the heart of lake/cabin country.
Mine went for $14.  I use both the outside
minnow bucket (solid) and the inside
with the lid open.  Both are such cute containers,
one with vintage label graphics & the other
with darling hole patterns.  This way you
get twice the sales, from one bucket set!

Let me know what you think!
I'm always seeking comments &
new ideas or alternatives.
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Free Records

It's just like me to stop at the local storage building
and inspect a pile of free items!
Who wouldn't take two boxes of
free vinyl records?
I know!
Over 160, but who's counting?
(never mind the fact that we've been tripping
over them in my entry way for 2 weeks)



I tried a few "record bowl" crafts,
and boy are they fun & easy!

I turn my oven on about 200 degrees & heat
them for 10 minutes.  Sometimes pulling them out
half way through to manipulate the edges into even
ripples.  You can do this carefully with quick hands
and not get burned.  The record is set on a cookie sheet,
with a small glass upside down bowl underneath.
  Once the edges start to drop, I pull it out and try to
 form them & heat again.

Some brands are too thick to melt.
I've has some just bubble at the edges.
A few just won't bend.
But the ones that do are easy 10 minute projects.
Pull them out of the oven & leave it cool.
They self harden & are cute to boot!
My son will have one in his room for all
the guitar picks. They'd work for house keys.
Don't put food inside, unless it's wrapped.

The free box also included this darling album....

Yes free!
What a wasteful nation we live in.

This album might end up on Etsy.
Time will tell, I'm still oogling over it.
What's YOUR best free item from this summer????
Leave me a comment!
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Door Bookshelf, Jars & Bats

I love Pinterest. 
It inspires me and provides a paperless
place to stash (almost all) my ideas.
This is my version of the blue canning jar
flower vase set. It's one of many uses for these
amazing old colored jars.  It's fresh cut flower
season here in my yard!  I love the constant
glow of many bright & delightful colors.
Please follow me on Pinterest,
or just my "jars" pins.  I'm a
heavy pinner, so you'll find
plenty to sift through on rainy
days or quiet evenings!!!
Another fun Page is my collection of "old doors" pins.
Here is a door bookshelf I made.  One thing no one
ever tells you online is that doors are always worn
down from swinging for years & need a fresh
straight cut on the bottom or it will end up sitting
crooked.  Also, they are hard high quality wood,
which requires a good saw & sharp blade.
When you make a bookshelf like this,
it is gonna be darn heavy.  It must be Oak.


These doors were in great chippy crackle condition.
I have not paid more than $5 for an old door.
They are fairly abundant at garage sales.

One last addition to his post today...
I've listed some cute old baseball bats on my
Etsy site.  The wooden bats are getting hard to
find, so I love making them available to crafters
and collectors. 

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Friday, July 11, 2014


Hi folk. I'm sure you're all busy busy, just like me.
I'll keep the post short, since I need to pack for
a cabin trip, go to the post office, and rush off to
swimming lessons for the little guy & then work.
I've finally put to use the random
old plates from garage sales.
This one made a good backdrop
to highlight my little gnome.
That old tea cup was missing the bottom,
so I planted that hen-n-chick in it.

Here is a blue willow plate with Thyme planted in front.

Have a great weekend.
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Window Shelter

We all love old windows.
There are so many fabulous craft projects and uses!
I made a victorian style window "house" for my garden.
These windows are out of Richard Dean Anderson's
cabin in northern Minnesota.
Yes, I'm talking about Macgyver.
Photo: Did you know that MacGyver's Swiss Army Knife changed a few times? A Victorinox was used in the show, but a Wenger in the opening credits.  
Get a MAC attack at Amazon!
Only a certain age group will remember him &
his exciting show with great ingenuity!
  His historic log home was being updated by
the new owner and I found the windows for
sale on craigslist. I purchased a good stack too!


The ridge cap is rusty old decorative tin.
It came out of a junk pile,
and I was thrilled to find a use for it!

Back in victorian days, these window houses
would protect their most precious plants.
In my mind, they were meant to keep
 the dogs from digging them
 up or laying on them! ha!

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