Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Industrial Stool

If you've ever owned a vintage vanity,
you may understand that a regular 
sized chair simply does not work well.
My vanity looks like a desk, but most
have mirrors & were for women to do
their hair and apply make up.

So to make my waterfall style piece usable,
I set off to Junk Bonanza in search of the
perfect sized stool!

I had measurements & a tape measure.
It didn't take me long to locate exactly what 
I was hoping to find.  The stool had to be 
narrow & short.

I nearly stole this stool, at a mere $12.
That left me quite a bit of mad money to 
blow at the show!

Now just look how perfect the stool is
in it's new permanent home...

I needed a hefty stool, 
not a foo-foo chair.
I love it.

Let me know what you think!
Does it look okay together?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bundt Pan Pumpkin

I found a chippy old bundt pan for sale &
gave it a coat of orange paint.



I put a screw up from the bottom, through two sizes of washers,
 then the pan opening, then a washer, into the wood handle.

I wrapped the faux leaf wire stems 
round the pumpkin handle.

This was a pretty easy project.
I think it looks darling. 

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Inspiration Board

I love the idea of an inspiration board.
With all the cork boards I've been stockpiling,
it seemed like a fun project to tackle.

Fall is the best season!
So with that in mind, I snipped out of
magazines & the local paper.

Wagon wheels, roads littered with leaves, pumpkins
and apple pie gave this cork board WAY more appeal.
Then a burlap bow & my own photos personalized it!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Junk Bonanza

In case you didn't make it to Junk Bonanza this fall,
I have a few recap photos to share.
My original shopping buddy bailed out on me,
and thank goodness for my replacement.
She was the perfect partner, 
we are both die hard shoppers.
She's a great city driver & introduced me 
to the Khans restaurant.
I got to see Kirklands & World Market 
for the first time too!
Yes, I live under a rock.

These wire columns were so eye catching.
The vertical spectacles looked sharp stuffed with bittersweet.

This cool old desk caught my eye!
Those butcher block looking legs gave
it a very unique appeal.  The interior 
organization nooks would be so handy!
The flat surface angled up for a comfy
writing surface.  

I just had to buy one of those film strip bows (on the goose)
after having year long regrets.  1st Pick Antiques is one
of my favorite vendors.   They always have some shock
power in their booth.  Last spring it was a VW bus checkout
area.  This year....a huge clock.  It was marked sold.

I loved the color tones in the next booth.
gray, coral, turquoise & white

This booth is Ramshackled Treasures
 their blue jar candles smelled delightful.

If you were in need of a suitcase,
you'd find the perfect one at the Bonanza!
Not to mention dress forms, crates, buckets, 
basket, urns, pillows & bags.

This arbor bench was darling, with a tin roof
and porch spindle sides.  Let's just say it is now on my
honey-do-list!  Many people go to the show to steal 
ideas and gain inspiration.  You leave there on a high,
from endless knowledge & ideas.  It's amazing.

The new Canterbury Downs building is much better than
the former tunnel area, which was so congested.

This tote is from last spring, 
but I jazzed it up a bit with burlap & vintage lace.
It was fun to carry my purchases in it there.

It was my first attempt at ruffles!
I adore that look & left the edges tattered for a junky look.

I'd  like to share what I bought in future posts,
so please keep checking my blog!
Maybe you'll see a few crafts inspired by the show 
as well.  If YOU went to Junk Bonanza, leave a comment
sharing your favorite vendor, purchased items or 
the best idea that you spotted there.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Bottles

I finally made good use of some old
bottles that fill crates in my basement!
The look pretty cute, all jazzed up.  I used
fabric bows, rich fall flowers &
stamped tags.
This old Hi-lex bleach jug is the perfect
brown.  It's a big bottle with an fabric bow
made from a salvaged bed sheet! 

Paper crafting is another passion of mine,
so combing that with vintage items
really makes me happy!
These original fall creations are a nice
break from the same old decor found in stores.

The second bottle is tall, narrow & green.
I think the green still goes pretty well
with the fall theme & color scheme.


This tag is so sweet, with it's warm saying
and darling little flower!
I added a leaf print fabric bow & a strip of
burlap for a hefty stack of adornment.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014


This is one of those BAM! in-your-face
kind of paint jobs.
I rescued this frame from a road side free box.
It was brown & had a screen in it with a
painted snowman.  I painted the frame
"forgotten secret" turquoise and put
some chicken wire in it.  Wah-lah, a useful
clipboard for a college kid or color loving hipster!
Do you love my sumo wrestling nephew pic?
I use portraits that are way old for examples
on my crafts so customers can visualize it's use.
The frame already had the fabric holes up top,
so I picked some hot pink for mega contrast.
I think the bow makes this frame a show stopper.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Minnow Can

The nights are cool here in Minnesota
so it's starting feel a bit like fall.
I'd like to share an easy project
using some dry hydrangea blooms &
an old minnow can.
I make burlap bows from the seed potato sacks
we have left at my greenhouse job.
It's a craft that I perfected when working at
a tree farm making balsam wreaths
and decorating them.
The dry flowers are from some shrub
pruning jobs we do for customers in
the fall when the greenhouse slows down.
You can say I find a use for almost everything!

For all my vendor friends:
these simple minnow can projects sell
really well.  I've sold two so far,
my coffee shop craft rental space is
in the heart of lake/cabin country.
Mine went for $14.  I use both the outside
minnow bucket (solid) and the inside
with the lid open.  Both are such cute containers,
one with vintage label graphics & the other
with darling hole patterns.  This way you
get twice the sales, from one bucket set!

Let me know what you think!
I'm always seeking comments &
new ideas or alternatives.
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