Saturday, December 28, 2013

What keeps me busy:

I've been trying my hand at pillows again.
Why are crafts so addicting to me???
I have done many calendar pillows,
but this winter barn scene is my favorite.

I gave this handled tray a face lift.
It was quite hideous!
A coat of fresh paint & some edge sanding....
I love the handles on this,
they must be brass.
My stash of windows is getting some attention.
This grey one shows the lyrics to a nostalgic hymn.

So that's a taste of what been keeping me busy.
I hope you've been getting creative as well.
~Wishing you all a Happy New Year~
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Stack It Up!

This past summer I decided to just start buying
milk glass at garage sales (for cheap) & start a collection.
I had no rhyme or reason. 
When I spread it out at home I found
that there are TWO different colors! 
One is WAY more opaque (left).
I just can't mix them.  It makes the softer one looks crappy weak.
I thought one color variety would be older as a general rule,
but that's really not the case.  It has gotten tricky, with all the
reproductions.  So my rule of thumb is: buy what you like
and make a collection of things that look cute together!

I built a tower of various
pieces for a fun "fountain" look.
Here is a project using some commonly found plates:

Here is a good sight for the history facts: Milk Glass
Identity different makers here: Identify
If you prefer books, try Betty Newbound or Gene Florence!
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Card Hanger

I love vintage multi level hangers.
You can easily change the photos, inspirational
tags, grocery lists, or newspaper ads/coupons.
(sky's the limit)
They seem to be available sporadically
at thrift stores & garage sales.
But this is my last of 3 and I really
think using it for Christmas cards
will be the selling point!
Add a burlap bow to anything
and folks will drool over it!
Wanna see?
Here you go...
Decorating with Rusty Buckets
Really Cute Garden Hose Wreath for that Garden Gate
Burlap bows on lanterns.

 candle holder: Pinterest

Picture Frame: Pinterest

Pine cone: Pinterest
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Don't forget to check my last three blog posts
for more Christmas craft ideas!!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dear Santa...

I cheated.
I searched online for cute letters to Santa
and then took the best lines out of a bunch
to write my own adorable mock message
for a typewriter display.
I have THREE typewriters,
so I figured this might be
 a festive way to sell one.
I love it.

I stole the idea from Pinterest.
There are several cute ideas on there!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Windows

I was determined to use up two old red windows as
Christmas theme decor this year.
The first (very bright) one features some free
garland I scored at a garage sale.
(yes I'm THAT girl that takes free junk)

The ornaments appear to "hang" on the garland!
I borrowed this Cricut cartridge from my sister so
my craft weren't the same every year!
The second window was $5 at a thrift store.
That might be the most I've EVER paid!
It was a nice barn red (nice size too),
 so I forked over the dough.
So which window do YOU like better?
 I love the second one.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Handmade Wreath

Well, now is the time I brag about my handmade balsam Christmas wreath.
I learned at a tree farm years back & enjoy making one for our door each
year.  Decorating it Christmas to me! ha
Last year I did the very Pinterest popular burlap bow.
This year I opted for some homegrown bittersweet berries
 & a bigger bow.  Less sparkle, but more rustic appeal.


The bough arrangement I did, doesn't thrill me.
But it will have to do. We got dumped on before I
got it done & now am not going to tredge through the
snow in search of various branches.
I used some spray painted hydrangea (as promised)
for a dash of color.
The snow took a tole on a few of them.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Crafts

I have lots of Christmas crafts to share.
This next week I'm going to force myself to
crank out some holiday blog posts!
Here is the lineup...
1. holiday wreath & boughs
2. old windows
3. an old typewriter
That is what you have to look forward to!
But first I'm sharing some pics of our winter wonderland.
It's below zero today, but at least we can be sure the
snow will stay until Christmas! I NEED that white stuff
to be in the mood & go cut a tree!



We got about 20" in two days.
Nature is "pruning" the pine trees.
That snow is so heavy,
we have many broken limbs.
Enough snow talk, YOU WANT CRAFTS!
Okay, here you go:
It's Christmas card time & they're arriving
in the mail slowly but surely!
I've taken a twist on the pen pans
from previous posts to make a card pan!
This milk glass pan was just the right
size for most cards & can handle a hefty stack
of them too!

Using my Cricut machine,
I cut this adhesive vinyl phrase
and carefully stuck it on the pan. 
 The cartridge for these words is called Joy of the Season.
It's a fun way to label the pans content
send a fun message to all that enter your home.
win. win.

Hope you'll be back here checking
on my other posts this next week!
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