Saturday, March 30, 2013

Suitcase Quick Fix

Do you ever buy something,
only to get it home & find a flaw?
I do, especially when excited just to have
found a vintage item on my wish list.
The bottom suitcase, shown here,
was thought to have been ruined
by a tacky content label written with a Sharpie.
Tragic, right?
Not to worry.
I have a solution!
Just search "luggage sticker" and you'll have
more options than you could ever need!
It cost me $5 after shipping for the sticker,
but made my suitcase worthy to display!
I recommend buying an extra label,
just to have on hand.
Wah lah!
This is actually a vintage looking NEW label.
It's a little glossy, but great muted tones.
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Old Bird Tray

I bought this old bird tray for $12.00 at a garage sale.
It seemed like high quality wood,
but the bird image wasn't that great.
Once I took it apart, I knew why.
Someone has simply cut out part of a 1976 calendar.
I wanted a memorable or vintage item inside it.
After "shopping" in my basement,
I settled on a black & white photo copy of a map.
It was of a special area that my dad would
visit and hike through the years.
Another deciding factor was that it had to be long enough
to fill the long tray.
I didn't want any seams or creases.
But the topography on this map is very interesting, due to several rivers.
I left the wood alone, it's very rich & nice grain.
So what do you think of the black & white?
I miss my dad more than word can express.
He passed away on April 17th in 2001.
Easter is always a reminder.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rusty Bike Wheel

I never thought a rusty old bike tire would look good in my home.
It just goes to show that you shouldn't be too set in your ways!
I passed these tires up once, but not twice!
The rubber was off, an obvious bonus.
Since the ones I've been seeing online are with out.
I did hack saw off part of the center so it wouldn't scuff walls
and to cut down on weight.
I stiff brush helped brush out lose rust & tire gunk.
Those wires were easy to snip out too.
The results?
Unique clipboard!
Oh so cute!
This one sold right away.
You might think they'd be best hung on a wall.
But I set mine on the buffet in front of a large picture.
It looks amazing. 
 (real nest, faux eggs)
I bought a few Easter postcards at
a recent occasional sale called Annie's Cottage.
I also made a tag using some fun Tim Holtz products.
There is something so fresh & pure about white pottery.
It really lightens up my dark display.
I just love it, and these two items were a steal for just a dollar each.
Man I love garage sales.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quilt Rescue

I saw an old quilt in my father in laws auto body shop.
He was using this quaint old thing to cover cars overnight.
It's so ugly, it's cute.
Someone pieced these various scraps
of fabric and did some unique stitching.
There's even a little Christmas fabric!
It's not in the best shape.
But when folded up, it's adorable.
I love this shabby quilt.



Friday, March 8, 2013

Jumbled Numbers

How do you like my latest roadside rescue project?
Yeah.  It was free.
oh so huge!
It took some TSP (heavy duty cleaner)
and muscle to get the sticky grime off.
I did two coats of Annie Sloan's Olive Chalk paint.
Then the fun began!
Using my Cricut, I cut various sized vinyl number stencils.
I taped the lines on top that can be seen in the original wood.
It made for a quick easy tape job!!!
I painted over my stencils with some flat black paint.

Next I waxed all the sides of it, and a bit around the top edges.
On these doors... you can see one I did and the other unwaxed.
Does it look older?
Here it is, all done!
Thanks for stopping by my blog to see this project!
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