Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Robin Nesting Nook

I've had some misfortune with the computer this month.  It's crashed twice on me.  I did want to share a quick post & let you know that I'm not done blogging. 

The only thing I could image to use this old cream can top for, was a nesting nook.  Do you think it would work or attract a Robin?  I'm pretty excited to see if it will sell in my booth.  It's pretty original! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I think in some way, machinery gears & components look like art!  This may seem like a strange statement, but they really are kind of beautiful.  Look at this arrangement found in Spring Cottage Magazine (The Cottage Journal).  The spring 2012 issue shows rusty scrap iron in a fun display.

They draw the eye & cause curious speculation of their origin.  Am I right?  Regardless, some can make great candle holders!

The big one is my favorite.  It is more elaborate.  The odd thing is, these candles fit perfectly.  They only went in so far & didn't fall through the bottom either.  Wah-lah!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Baseball List

My highest viewed post is Softball Flower, thanks to someone sharing it on Pintrest. It's been viewed over 2700 times!  That just blows my mind.

The problem is that it's been for sale in my craft booth for 3 months.  I decided it was time to use in a bigger project, since people are obviously not sure what to do with it.  I didn't want to sell the basket it was shown on in the previous blog post. 

I painted a wood frame chalkboard to match the flower trim.  Then I listed my son's baseball games, hoping this will appeal to a softball or baseball mom!  It sure beats taping schedules to the calendar or stuck on a corkboard (mine's always too full anyhow).

I attached the flower with jump rings (small metal jewelry pieces) to the jute twine.  I fed the jump ring through a loop of edge trim embroidery floss.  This gives me (or the owner) the option to remove it & change things up.  I didn't want to glue it on & wasn't sure anything would hold it, so it's simply hanging.

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