Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birch Bark Garland

We helped some friends split & stack wood a while back.  The reward was a pile of birch bark that had fallen off.  I took them, not knowing for sure what they would be for.  My husband has learned not to even ask.  He knows that I'm a junker.

I traced a star shape onto the bark, then carefully cut them out with a good strong pair of scissors. 

I punched tiny holes, as seen here.  Then knotted my hemp, so it wouldn't slide.


Dreamy, right?  I sold two strands at the craft fair right away.  They had 12 stars on each strand and were about 8 feet long.  I really wanted them on my tree, so now I have to make more!

(dirty window! eww)

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  1. love it!! but....tell how you find birch bark...just laying around??? my birch trees here in California don't peel off...does your's? Love the ideas you come up with

  2. I added a post with more bark information. Hopefully it'll help answer some of your questions!