Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Ah, those sweet words...."as-is".  You either love it or turn your nose up to it. I guess the degree of damage is usually the determining factor.  But this sweet little cup came home with me for $1.  I still don't know where the damage is.  Maybe they glued the handle on so well, that I can't tell.  Could it be the pin head sized chip? 

I think it's beautiful.  My intentions were do the "Tiny Tannenaums" that is in the 2009 issue of Midwest Living. (I keep magazines amost forever!)

It consists of digging an infant pine & giving it a vintage container home.  They looked ridiculous alone.  But when put in a holiday setting, it seemed to have the pint size appeal I was hoping for!

Here is how my display turned out. . .

Please ignore the distracting clutter background!

Tarnished silver bowl with scavenged Red Pine cones

Vintage Cards Box

The article states the trees will lose hardiness after 2-3 weeks.  They might come out of winter hibernation(dormancy) and start to grow like a houseplant.  Water twice a week.

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