Friday, May 6, 2011

Toy horse collection

When I was young, I had a metal toy horse from my grandpa's farmhouse.  I broke a leg off it & have no idea where that little horse went.  That memory sparked an interest in various tiny ponies!

I've picked them up at garage sales, antique stores & swap meets over the years.  A man at my favorite swap meet (Grand Rapids MN late July) was hard to bargain with, since he claims these little horses bring big money in Texas.  I'm not so sure about that, but maybe. 

They sit in my windowsill, above the kitchen sink.  I look at them every day & ponder my farm memories!

I love how they're each unique.  One has a chain, some have no tack.

They're different materials, I think.  I love that the painted details are still evident on a few.

My favorite one came from the closest antique store to my house- Giese Bed & Breakfast!

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  1. did he really say that? was that the button guy too? well he wasn't in tx was he!