Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun: With A Freebie

Are you a freebie box digger???  Sometimes you see an item that speaks to you, or you feel sorry for.  At my mother-in-law's garage sale, I took things out of her GARBAGE that she didn't even deem worth of the FREE box!  Yikes, talk about two different perspectives! 

Here we have a somewhat tacky, glossy red basket.  But when a heap of pure white pansies are added, it becomes pleasant...likable...or downright cute!

I love pansies, and they can handle Minnesota's cool springs. They seem to grow great in containers & the garden alike.  But when the summer heat kicks in, they suffer.  Often the fall cool down will revive them.

I love to repurposed things.  You have nothing or very little invested.  If a project goes all wrong, you're out nothing but time!  I recently made good use of an old enamelware pail that was dug out of the woods.  I'm pretty sure it was meant to have snapdragons in it!

With both the basket & old bucket, I cut & added an appropriate sized piece of  landscape fabric for a liner.  That bucket has numerous rust holes underneath.  The soil would just wash right out of that basket, so lining your creative planters can be KEY!

Since we're talking cute old gardening stuff, let me throw this at you.  So far, in my opinion it's been the junker genious winner this year.  (in the garden category)

How cute is that????!!!!!  It was an International truck at a local garden center.  Unfortunately, I can't recall the business's name.  I think it was a hardware store that set up at various locations, this one being Pine City. 

Here is a planter that I did last year in a BIG flat old pail.  I got it at a garage sale for a few dollars.  Then I loaded it up with  Cuphea, Million Bells & Heliotrope for a patriotic scheme.

I have an old ladder that slowly is being swallowed by a Niobe Clematis.  It was loaded with blooms last year.

I hope you're inspired to get out and repurpose things for your garden.  You'll get compliments on being clever & best of all, impress yourself!

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  1. I got in trouble last weekend for Free Box scrounging. The man kept saying "leve some for someone else!" But there were some nice items in there.

    Beautiful flowers and great reuses for your found objects.