Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Are you sick of my tulip posts yet???  If nothing else, this post will wake you up with COLOR SHOCK!

Black Parrot, Salvo, Lucky Strike, Kingsblood, White Triumphator, Estella Rynveld, Ballade, King's orange and more!

The old chippy chair was a MEGA score at a garage sale.  I felt so bad taking it for fifty cents, that I gave them a dollar!  Isn't it grand?  It has cute little claw style feet too.

The old coffee pot was from a dig, which I should be known for by now.  I'm a junker, with dirt in my fingernails & an up to date tetanus shot!

This pot of tulips is great, but my hubby sent 12 red roses to my work training location recently. It was our 12 year anniversary.  He brought me to tears!

I can't get over how GORGEOUS they are!  They even survived being carted around & the car ride home.

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