Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sensual Touch

Before you freak out at the title, settle down.  It's the name of my tulips!!!  I bet you checked my blog, just to see if I posted something risque!

I've been enjoying my tulips for weeks now.  I grow them in an ugly chicken wire fenced area to protect them from hungry deer & rabbits.  I refuse to risk any loses!

This purpose of this post is to encourage multiple vase displays.  These frilly tulips might look too "busy" in a vase all nestled together.  My goal lately has been to feature some old brown glass that was found in an old dump this spring.

There is such a contrast in feminine & frilly verses rustic & dark.  I'm especially fond of the old root beer barrels.  They fit well in the old muffin tin, which is multi functional!

Thanks for looking.  I hope this will help you get more creative in your flower displays!

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