Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mama's decor

Mom's got good taste.  It's a fact.  Check out her old medicine cabinet, gone cute-sie.  This berry twig adorned cabinet actually holds: medicine!  The crazed & chippy paint looks like dynamite against her geranium colored walls! 

The super duper large crock with overgrown greenery tucks in nicely by the living room fireplace.  It almost looks like a long lost forgotten object.  I wish I could use fake plants successfully.  I try, I fail. 

Mom can dramatically improve furniture with some paint, her bar stools look great!  She aged the paint to perfection.  And again, notice the fabulous fake plants! 

She even painted a long narrow table that had a marble top!  I didn't realize that it was possible, but my mom knows no boundaries when it comes to decor revival.  Bold & not afraid of color.  Good  colors too.

The next photo turned out very yellow, but in reality the cabbage pottery is perfect next to my grandparents photographs.  Old time charm.  What do you know?  MORE FAKE GREENERY!  To die for.

Thanks mom, for the fun visit last month.  I wish you the very best MOTHERS DAY!  Love ya.


  1. can i come to your moms house next time??? very cute-runs in the fam

  2. She does have great taste! I am with you there! A very homey feeling to all that enter!