Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wooden Blocks

I love old toys.  I snatched a moldy (gross) bag of old children's blocks up at a garage sale for less than a buck.  The large baggie had gotten some moisture in it.

I thought they were pretty cute.  I've seen people spell out names, inspirational words & age numbers.

I found these on Etsy, for sale.

Linking up to Junker Newbie's "Would you buy it Wed."  Head over there & see what odd things folks are finding for sale.


  1. Love these - would definitely buy them. I bought a huge box of old wooden alphabet blocks a few weeks ago at a huge yard sale. I haven't done a lot with them yet, but I love how they look. It included some of the same ones you found - with the bricks and windows. Very cool find.

  2. You found some good ones. I love that they are not all letters. I recently saw some used as hardware on furniture in a kid's room, of course now I can't remember which blog it was. Good score.

  3. Hi! I'm also a Minnesota junker, but you got a much better deal than I did on your wood blocks. I got a set for about $15, but they were in pristine condition and my daughter loves them for her son's room. Great find!