Monday, August 1, 2011

Flea Market Oddities

I really enjoyed hitting the Grand Rapids Swap Meet on Sunday.  I took a few pics of the most notable fun items that I ran across.  The first one, I would love to have bought.  It was $50, listed "as is".

It's hard to see with the busy background, but this fan was gorgeous.  It was huge too.  I took my car to this event to prevent myself from making any large item purchases. 

The next item is more unusual, I had to share it with you.  Labeled a "sno~ler", from a time when people had to walk places more often.  Ingenuity... had to of been a woman thought up this one.  Wheels with skis as backup!  Marked down from $80 to $60.  It was in great condition, such good color still.

This might be more of a man item, but I was curious.  It had mega wide tires!  It was made to go in the sand, do you think these are more common on the coasts?

Lil' Burro: Sand & Sno

The last item I wanted to share was a Schwinn for $250. 

I don't know much about old bikes, but I thought about American Pickers ( Antique Archaeology ).  Mike loves bikes.  If you've never heard of this show, you can watch episodes online for free at Hulu.

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