Monday, August 29, 2011


I had an idea one night, while laying in bed.  Do you ever have that...where the light bulb in your head comes on? 

I had bought a stack of cute little picture frames at a garage sale for $1.50.  You can see them in the center of the photograph above.  I decided to spell out a word, putting one letter in each frame.  A long sash could attach them and make a banner of sorts.  The next step was picking a word.  It took me forever to think of a seven letter word that could be versatile. 

The fun part was laying out the patterned paper to see how things would look.  I used Webster's Pages Petite Papers.  They have such cute vintage inspired patterns in the Country Estate & Yacht Club pack.

You can see the baby monitor there?  This was a nap-time project. 

I cut out two fonts on my Cricut before choosing the Old West one.  I always have issues with fancy letters that are hard to read, that's why the Heritage font lost out.

Once I got the look I wanted, I traced the frame backs and cut them out.  Many were missing glass, so this project did not involve any glass.  If they were complete, I totally would have used the glass.  I was also short one wooden back, so cardboard was used on one to hold the paper in.

Once all the frames were filled, I started the task of stringing them.  I was glad "welcome" had an odd amount of letters, this gave me a center starting point: "C"

Hurdle #1: Tying thick ribbon on attractively.  This sounds easy, but was really hard.  The solution finally came to me from trial and error.  Feed the ribbon in through the ring opposite way, going back towards the original side,  then go up and over....coming back through that loop at a down and away direction.  (make sense?)  The little strip of paper is my distance guide to help me space the frames evenly on the ribbon.

Hurdle #2:  Don't spell the word backwards.  When working on a word from the back, turn it around to read it before getting to far. 


After I got things straightened out.  The results were fantastic.  Check this baby out......

Elegant, classy, vintage, crafty & so very inviting. 

I think to hang this somewhat heavy banner, a person would have to hang each frame's ring (on the back) on a small nail.  It would sag too much in the middle from weight & the ribbon would look tight and crappy otherwise.

The frames are so fancy.  I can't help but adore the rose edges & tiny dots.

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  1. Very very nice! Great job.

  2. The banner looks wonderful...and you upcycled an already used it!