Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tiny Presidents

I still have stars in my eyes from the fabulous Forth.  It was family, fun & fireworks.

I've titled this "Tiny Presidents", I am being quite literal.

A few years back, my son was at a garage sale with me.  He had his eyes on a box of old presidential figurines.  We passed them up, only to have a knock on our door the next day.  The kind man knew who I was.  He tracked us down to give us those presidents.  I still to this day am impressed with his charity.

It was an incomplete set, with a few doubles.  My son used them for a few years as fun little make believe guys that fought his astronaut & Indian figurines. Now, I've claimed them for home decor purposes!  Yep, I'm pretty sure anything goes in the junking world.  And I wanted Roosevelt, Washington & Ike on my buffet.

So here is the box the icons came in. Now, you can keep your eyes peeled for the unique figurines.  I know they're on Ebay as well.  The brand is Marx.

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