Monday, July 18, 2011

Recipe Box

I've been waiting, ever so patiently for the right sized recipe box to surface. I've been using the same box, from my aunt Sandy.  I think it was a wedding shower present, at least 11 years old now.  But has been used to death.  In fact, the top cover ripped off.

The box I chose was only a dollar at a flea market.  It's kind of rustic, but it is BIG.

I added the word with a vinyl stencil & watered down white paint. 

The box contained a few index cards, when I got it.  Including two social security numbers!  Yikes!  That's not a good thing these days.  It also revealed the origin of the box.  Apparently it was used in some sort of book keeping in Winnebago County.

Now, I should have ample room to go through my cookbooks & copy down my most commonly used recipes.  I'm sick of looking through 5 books trying to find that one certain recipe.

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