Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bread Box

My aunt gave me THEE most awesome bread box from her garage sale.  It has found a home on my kitchen counter & become a useful storage piece.  Here is a BEFORE picture:

Now here is the AFTER:

Ah yes, I have stashed away my ugly green dishwasher detergent!  The box makes a perfect place for several kitchen  items!  I was surprised to find that the shelves are removable!

The Rex begonia that sits on top is still recovering from major neglect.  It has since been repotted & doing much better.  It looks pretty quaint in the lard can.

I crock full of utensils got nestled in the corner. 

The compost bucket MUST stay by the sink, even if it is ridiculously shiny. 

By the sink is the ONLY place I can grow a fern.  It must like the humidity there.  This is my husband's grandma Gert's fern.

I made some seed packet magnets out of scrapbooking paper.  I cut chipboard to back them & added a strip of sticky magnet.  These will cover the holes on the side of the bread box.

I hope you've enjoyed my vintage nook on the kitchen counter! 

THANK YOU Aunt Marie for the wonderful box!

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