Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Crafts

I have lots of Christmas crafts to share.
This next week I'm going to force myself to
crank out some holiday blog posts!
Here is the lineup...
1. holiday wreath & boughs
2. old windows
3. an old typewriter
That is what you have to look forward to!
But first I'm sharing some pics of our winter wonderland.
It's below zero today, but at least we can be sure the
snow will stay until Christmas! I NEED that white stuff
to be in the mood & go cut a tree!



We got about 20" in two days.
Nature is "pruning" the pine trees.
That snow is so heavy,
we have many broken limbs.
Enough snow talk, YOU WANT CRAFTS!
Okay, here you go:
It's Christmas card time & they're arriving
in the mail slowly but surely!
I've taken a twist on the pen pans
from previous posts to make a card pan!
This milk glass pan was just the right
size for most cards & can handle a hefty stack
of them too!

Using my Cricut machine,
I cut this adhesive vinyl phrase
and carefully stuck it on the pan. 
 The cartridge for these words is called Joy of the Season.
It's a fun way to label the pans content
send a fun message to all that enter your home.
win. win.

Hope you'll be back here checking
on my other posts this next week!
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