Friday, April 27, 2012

Pens Pan

How many pens can you fit in a pan, if a bread pan could hold pens? Can you tell I'm feeling quirky today?

No seriously, this was a MEGA cheap & easy project.  I found the cute mini loaf pan for .50 at a thrift store.  Then, on my Cricut cut vinyl adhesive letter shapes.  Martha Stewart Cakes Cricut cartridge had these fun scallop circles.  It turned out pretty cute.  You could, of course, go with any common item name.  Pencils, receipts, keys, recipes, forks, spoons....

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wire Wreath

Can you make something out of a rusty coil of wire?  You-betcha!
Using a stash of discarded wire from Iowa, I've turned nothing into something!

It's not perfect, maybe even lop-sided. 
But to me...imperfection IS perfection!

A white burlap bow adds a pristine touch to the rustic wreath.

I bought a package of premade canvas banners with eyelets. 
On my Cricut, I cut the letters out of paper & then glued them on.
The banner is strung on brown hemp.

I did a few tiny paper flowers to the wreath, but neglected to take a photo
before dropping it off at my craft booth.
They were adhered with E6000 glue onto the wire sporadically near & on both sides of the bow.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Grove

I had the most fortunate opportunity to spend a little time junking in Iowa at my mom & step dad's place over Easter.  It's a nostalic place with a grove filled with rusty wonders!

We had to get creative packing the Envoy for our trip home. 
 My found items included a gate, gears, windows,
 garden fencing,insulator, bottles, pitch forks
and more. 

It also just happen to be good timing,
 the most delicate voilets were blooming.

There were some pretty shrubs along the fields also.
They're prickly, but so lovely.

We also got to stand under the modern windmills!
That was so neat, but the wind nearly blew us over.

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Keep checking back here for junk creations
using these Iowa treasures.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Nest

Bird nests just seem so cozy & petite.  They make the perfect spring decor with the impression of new life.  Whenever I'm out on walks, I collect old nests.  Ben Franklin sells the cutest little faux wren eggs.  I paid $ .89 for 6!  The results are might cute.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pussy Willows

My three year old is in "Terrific 3's" preschool and a recent weekly theme was spring.  The sheet he brought home listed other possible spring learning activities.  I felt like a good mom, noticing that collecting pussy willows made the list.  Every spring, we venture out to find the fun fuzzy little sprigs & display them for a month in our home.  This year, I even filled vintage jars & tied cute ribbon on them.  Just for kicks, I set some in my craft booth.  Not only one, but TWO jars of them sold.  What a great feeling to know that you've spread a little spring joy to other homes!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I had FOUR old doors in my garden shed.  Sometimes I wondered if I'd ever do anything with them.  It struck me one day to use one as a backdrop for my craft booth.  I took the time to use Cricut vinyl letters and laid out a Bible verse.  I used my concordance to find verses related to 'doors' & narrowed it down to two.  When it came down to choosing, I went with my gut feeling.  In the end it didn't matter because the door sold in 2 days and I used the other verse on the next one!

Here is the process, using tape lines & ruler:

This is a view of my booth:

The next door I dug out to replace this one was a little rotten on the bottom.  Hubby trimmed it down for me.  The only way he would agree to help me, is if I would sell it.  After a good wash down, it came inside for a little spiritual revival. . .

I added the twigs towards the top because it seemed a little empty up there.  This door got priced a little higher.  I'm guessing it will be there more than two days.  Which door do YOU like better? 

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