Friday, December 20, 2013

Stack It Up!

This past summer I decided to just start buying
milk glass at garage sales (for cheap) & start a collection.
I had no rhyme or reason. 
When I spread it out at home I found
that there are TWO different colors! 
One is WAY more opaque (left).
I just can't mix them.  It makes the softer one looks crappy weak.
I thought one color variety would be older as a general rule,
but that's really not the case.  It has gotten tricky, with all the
reproductions.  So my rule of thumb is: buy what you like
and make a collection of things that look cute together!

I built a tower of various
pieces for a fun "fountain" look.
Here is a project using some commonly found plates:

Here is a good sight for the history facts: Milk Glass
Identity different makers here: Identify
If you prefer books, try Betty Newbound or Gene Florence!
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