Saturday, September 7, 2013

Retreat Decor

I feel so fancy this week.
Just finished a special order sign
decorated the chapel at a camp for
the women's retreat.
I'm sad to say I delivered the sign
and forgot to take a photograph!
At some point I might stop &
ask the gal if she'd let me snap some
pics for my little photo album of
handmade creations.
I like to keep a history of my
creative progress!
I did take some images of the camp display.
The theme was
so anything related to that was packed in my car
and brought along for props.
Here is a snapshot of the entry to the chapel.
I know you are lovin' the retro tin background!
My mums weren't quite blooming,
so I used some dark foliage plants instead.
The rollerskates were $3 at a garage sale
and the skateboard was my son's.

Shaggy green carpet?
Oh yes.

Dry corn tassels last for years and make
a cute arrangement in blue jars.

Well, that's my shabby display!
I'd love to hear some feedback.
What do you like or dislike?
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