Sunday, September 15, 2013

Best Garden Pics

We expect frost here tonight, or it'll be close.
So I want to share some pictures of my
gardens before this growing season is
officially over.


I love my old sink, spilling over with hybrid moss rose!

My vegetable garden would not be complete
without rows of cutting flowers!
zinnias, gladiolas, cosmo, statice & sunflowers

I got this idea out of a Flea Market Garden magazine.
The celosia was slow to grow & a little uneven,
but still made people laugh.

My apple crop has been great,
enough to share with friends!
There are six trees in my orchard.

This coleus is actually a hanging basket that I took the wires off.

This vine is one of my favorites &
 I grow it from seed every year.

This funnel idea is also from Flea Market Garden magazine.
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