Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tool Box

I bought a red tool box at the thrift store for $4.
It's a newer one, but scratched & rusted from
sitting in the back of pickup truck.
It gave me (ironically) a chance to use my new
tool & see if I could alter the inside to fit my needs.
The box had a diagonal metal sheet inside to
hold it's specific tool just right.
I used my saws all to cut that in half &
then pounded each side loose.
Now I can fill it with magazines for storage or even
plant some flower in it!
Here is a great example from Pinterest.
Pinned Image
I'm getting fired up for the garden season,
are you?
I work at a greenhouse
 & today we open for the season.
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  1. i love it! i just planted daffodils that were forced and they bloomed than we got 12 inches yesterday AND IT IS SNOWING TODAY!!! i miss La Rose and their coffee bean mulch ;-)