Sunday, April 14, 2013

Winter Ferns & Bed Frame Display

For my Midwest readers,
here is a thrifty tip if you like to hike!
I've noticed in the winter,
ferns have pretty brown spore stalks.
('s still winter here!)
It's not too late.
This is the patch near my home.
The dark patches are dry fern leaves,
and the 6-12" stalks are coming up around them
on separate stems.
I've had them in the house for several seasons
and have never had bugs or pest travel in on them.
They don't seem to release the spores rolled up inside 
due to the continued dry conditions.
Here they are on an old bed frame display:
It's such a pretty bundle,
wrapped in jute rope.
The look is similar to lavender,
but lacks color.
I found all the feathers out hiking as well!
I made the moth tag & burlap/muslim ribbon.
The rhinestone Faith pin was on clearance
for $2.50 at a very classy gift shop in Iowa.
Those rustic metal numbers were found in a gravel pit!
The waist apron was less than a buck at the thrift store!
I made the burlap bow and added some thrift store butterflies.
They're common, cost around .50 to $1.25
and will often be sold in pairs.

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  1. I just love your old bed spring vignette. I would love to have an old bed spring, but have yet to find one. I love the items you placed on it.

  2. what a good bunch of junk! i guess i need to go to a gravel pit.