Thursday, April 11, 2013

Green Glass & Grass

This year, I had my very first Easter.
It was fun to break out my green horseshoe depression
glass & drink milk from my fancy tumblers.
I hope there is no law saying Correlware &
depression glass cannot co-exist!
I worry about cracking plates,
because I've done it before with old dishes.
Never slap a large spoonful of hot
casserole on plates from the 1930's!!!
My rustic reclaimed wood box was
one of 6 I made.  They were good practice
for me, using my new power tools!
I planted wheatgrass (liquid sunshine)
& it came up so fast for a great spring touch.
I sold three kits at my booth
containing seeds, soil, burlap bow &
chippy square boxes.
Here is the one I kept (without a bow).
The grass keeps growing,
and I keep trimming it!
Oh spring....when will it come?
We got about 4 inches of snow today.
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