Friday, May 10, 2013

Meyercord Decals

While scraping paint off my dad's very special
old wooden chair, a retro ship image became apparent.
It was a neat decal of some sort on the wider
portion of the chair back.
I've since deleted the photographs from my
computer and camera.  That was when I
had convinced myself that I would NEVER
start a blog and need them. Oops.
The search for this decal has taught me some
valuable things & I'd like to share.
Meyercord Decals can be readily found on Ebay!
There are many images, from baby theme to western.
They get the most amazing crackle with age!
You'll see the bears on old cribs a lot of times.
I adore this bundle of flower on a large old jar.
It's fun to imagine who took time to add
a decal to this old jar back in the day.
They'll cost around $1-$15 on Ebay,
but were originally around $.25-$.59!
Check out this old catalog page
of their decals from 1952: Smithstonian
Here is link to an old shop display of the
items available back in 1940: Smithstonian
This link is to a fun color display
of the many images: Pinterest
On this blog, a gal added some
old decals to jars: Bargain Hunting Treasures
Next time your have a simple vintage find
or even a modern project...
jazz it up with some Meyercord decals!
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