Monday, September 19, 2011

Clean Orange & Chippy White

Here is a quick post of a very clever idea.   Mix a crisp, clean, brightly colored dresser....with a chippy white card file.  This photo is from the Mall of America Scrapfest.  Try to image how cute this combo would be in a household setting.

Where can I get one of these files?  It's amazing. 

Are you wondering about the Smash book?

It's kind of a retro style scrapbook.  The video on YOUTUBE explains it very well.  It's a book of random thoughts, clippings & snippets.  This seems to be the book made for Junkers!  Book themes can include recording a pregnancy, garden journal, or just pure randomness.  Here is a blog, dedicated to her Smash project.

Yes, I did buy one.  Maybe I'll post some personal Smash updates. I chose the Eco Style.
If I've tempted you to Smash, here is the website. 

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