Sunday, September 11, 2011

Burlap Pot Cover

I got a stack of burlap cocoa bags from my employer this spring.  They were stuffed around some products as packing material!  They had all been cut  at an end.  I took about 10, hoping I could find creative uses for them. 

My greenhouse job involves perks, like free plants!  So late this summer I got 4 Red Rooster grasses.  I was thinking ahead to making a fall display.  The pots I had just didn't inspire me.  So I decide to cover a plastic one.  I cut a template out of plastic sheeting & began this quick task.

I sewed the side together on my machine in the house.  Then safety pinned the bottom.

Then, as I planted the grass, I tucked in the top edges and packed dirt around that outside edge.

The Red Rooster is a brown wispy grass, but not a perennial where I live.

Are you ready for the results?  If only our last name was Thompson or something starting with "T".  I might find a Halloween tarantula to pin on the pot, that would probably be cute.

I couldn't resist a funny picture:

I think the late summer heat is getting to me.  No, really.... my hair does look like this some mornings.


  1. great idea, and oh too funny last pic!!

    barbara jean

  2. I love how your pot looks!! So cute with the burlap! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my pumpkin house numbers!!