Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blue Jar Craft

What happens when you add a blue jar and chicken wire?  Something wonderful, of course.

I had to take it outside for decent photos.

I found this idea back before blogging. The Internet was just becoming a useful inspiration tool for me.  I found this craft & tried it out for myself.  The search for just the right ribbon, berries, leaves and other elements took some planning.  Going to a big craft store with a good selection is not a common event for me.

Wrap your favorite size jar in chicken wire, bringing the bottom to a point.  It's kind of like a cone.  Keep the chicken wire's cut end to the back(behind the jar), folding sharp ends in good so they don't scratch your wall.  The hanging ribbon attaches to the top sides on the chicken wire.  The jar merely sits in the wire.

Some natural elements were added, like pine cones, eucalyptus & even sticks.

I used a cute little bird, adorned with vintage jewelry remnants.  He got tucked in amongst tule, glitter leaves, and berries.

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