Thursday, September 8, 2011


I love fall & apple pie.  Doesn't everybody?  ....Well, at least the pie part....

Mom's birthday pie, last year.

Some folks cringe here in Minnesota when the weather cools off, because we all know what's coming.  Forty below & lots of snow.  I, however, appreciate every colored leaf, crisp air, pumpkins, apples & scarecrows.

The Sikkink farm had an apple basket for nearly every relative that wanted one.  Mom snagged me a nice chippy red one a few years back.  It is my pride & joy.  How can anyone love an wire basket so much? 

Ben Franklin had fake apples on clearance for .25 each and I bought $8 worth. 

I grow apples.  I have a small orchard, that has produced a fair amount this year.  Yummy!

Here is the *sweet* little craft I came up with:

I stamped the words & image using Close To My Heart products.  I colored the apples in with pencils.  Then, I created a burlap bow.  You'll be seeing more burlap projects in the future!

And how about that chair? ................................

I paid $5 last weekend for it at a flea market style store.  The clincher was when he told me it came out of the Mora High School band room!  I love it when something has "history". This poor chair has the top left corner wired together.  I think it looks so cute, that gives it character!   Would YOU have bought it???

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  1. I love anything with history as well. If it's my grandmother's tea spoon, to the town's old flag pole. I might have passed it up, until knowing the history. Hum, maybe that is why my house is so full of stuff! But the stories each piece could tell!

  2. I cant wait for fall! Definitely my favorite season of all!

    Love the wooden chair!

  3. The chair is a good buy, and with history to boot! I'm also from Minnesota commenting from "da Range". :@ vickie