Friday, June 3, 2011


When scavenging the woods in Iowa by my step dad's farm, I found a nautical hub cap. I took it home, fairly certain I'd never find a use for it.  I had to think on it for 6 weeks, but it finally struck me.  Great ideas don't always happen overnight!!!

I remember as a child making leaf rubbings by putting a leaf under paper & rubbing crayon over it.  This technique worked perfectly with the ship!

With these killer vintage images,  I made several masculine cards.  This is great timing, with Father's Day coming up!

One envelope got special treatment.  I saw in the Martha Stewart magazine this month, that inking the edges of paper & envelopes is a nice touch.  So my favorite card got the fancy envelope.  I used a sponge & ink pad, but she had recommended the small eye shaped chalk inks.

Thanks for looking today, have a super weekend!!!

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  1. These are incredibale Jane! You are so talented!!!