Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quick Jute Baskets

I have a large bookshelf with cubbies & baskets.  Currently, it stores every toy set imaginable!  Mr. Potatoe Head, Duplos, get the idea.  The baskets don't all match, but I tried to blend two different styles.  There are 3 matching dark ones, out the 10 total. 

I wrapped jute around them & simply safety pinned it on the back!  This has held remarkably well.  No sewing or glue, which made it quick & easy.  I still felt like they needed a little bit of "something". 

Using my Cricut Expression, I cut numbers out of sticky vynol. The negative space was painted with acrylics.  The result is DYNOMITE!

The bookshelf got a royal clean out & many toys moved into my son's room.  I love the look of the 3 numbered baskets.  Do you think I should do more jute & numbers or leave it at 3???

The jute strips can be bought at Walmart.  This project was easy & fast.  Give it a try!  Any paper stencils would work to instead of the Cricut.

This post is on My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday. There are a lot of great ideas listed there, please check it out!

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