Monday, June 6, 2011

Reclaimed wood

My dear cousin Matt tried to salvage some wood off grandpa's old grain bin barn, but it was crumbling to pieces.  He did however, save me three large heavy boards from inside!  I've had them for almost a year & I finally enlisted the help of my hubby to made a small bench top. 

The old bench bottom was purchased for a buck or two, then repainted & distressed.  But the top, I wanted more rustic & contrasting.  In theory, it sounds great.  However the project ended up looking top heavy.  I still love it & it's very meaningful to me.  And I owe my hubby for taking the time to fulfill my request, since I'm power tool challenged!  His work was fantastic.

So far, it found a place in my son's room.  All his "friends" sit on it. 

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