Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Abingdon Pottery

If you've never heard of Abingdon, then this post if for you.  It's a small town in Illinois.They made artware Pottery from 1934 to 1930.  I have a great book about it that shows the various pieces produced & their value.  There are statues, cookie jars, planters & more.  But I'm partial to vases.  The first one I ever got was a shallow dish. 

I love me some white!!!  It goes with EVERYTHING, anytime of year too!!!

You'll know when you've found Abingdon, most is clearly marked.  They have numbers also, which help you look up your value.

The Lupines in Minnesota are blooming now.  They make a great bouquet for the next piece I'd like to show you. This vase is so regal & fancy.  It was a good buy, for $15 at a swap meet.

Different colors were released throughout the years.  Some of the hardest to find now are: browns, greys and orange(fire red).  But colors like Sierra(light blue) are desirable.  It seems there were around 150 colors, so this subject can be researched more if you're interested.  I think this pink is pretty, with white inside.

My whimsical star vase is hard to arrange, but cute as can be.  It looks like it belongs in a baby girl's nursery, don't you think?  

I should make note, that the finish on the star is more glossy than the the other upright vase.  So if you decide to purchase or collect, take that into consideration.

There is a good website with more information. abingdon.net

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  1. Thanks for the great info Jane. I've never collected pottery, but I'll be a lot more aware now when I'm out at garage sales!

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