Sunday, March 29, 2015

Plan Ahead

One thing about selling junk
is that you always have to plan WAY ahead.
That means when it's spring, you're pricing
summer items and when it's fall you're finishing 
up the Christmas stock.  A month before the ground
thaws up north, I've got my spring items out for all 
the anxious people to browse.

This theory is also true 
if you're considering any shows!
Today I submitted my Junk Bonanza
application for the FALL show.

I'd like try a table, rather than a full booth space.
Being a vendor is an investment of money 
and a large amount of time.
But when you sleep, eat & breathe junk....
being part of a show like Junk Bonanza
is a dream come true.  If you've never been,
it's a MUST SEE!  They've expanded their
show locations to several more states. 
 Minnesota is April 16-18
and September 24-26 in 2015.

This old matted photograph is part 
of the mock show display that I recently set up.  
The copper fireplace screen makes 
a great clip board back drop!

Many of my crafts feature book pages,
especially dictionaries!!!
I used Distress ink to make the checkerboard
pattern on this LIFE sign.

What could be better than old sewing drawers 
filled with upcycled vintage greeting cards???

I swoon over those old floral 
images & meaningful sayings.

I really enjoy stamping on items and finding 
darling new ways to use old junk items!

I love jazzing up old bottles by
draping rhinestones & old bracelets
around their necks.  The bottles shown here 
are old syrup and ketchup containers.

I've been mass producing the
flag stamped dictionary page
votive candle jars!
I'm excited for summer and
my new patio we installed late last year. 
 The Fourth is always a fun holiday
 to decorate for and we have
 lots of relatives coming.

Thanks for scrolling through my 
blog post, I hope you enjoyed it!

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