Saturday, April 11, 2015

ID me

I have a very handy group to 
invite you to join.

It's a club on Facebook that
is geared towards helping people
identify items.  There are lots
of vintage items posted or various
junk discoveries from people that
metal detect & bottle dig.

The best thing about it is
how entertaining it is!
You'll learn so much,
just from being a part of the group.
The people will reply 
lightning fast and must 
be research gurus.

I posted this old metal
container, with two compartments.
I assumed it was some sort of
military spice or pill container.
It's marked T & F.

I try to give them a common item in 
the picture for size comparison.

Within a few hours I had an answer.

Who knew?

I learned about a vintage style gun
that I never knew existed &
will file those container images in
my junk filled brain
for future reference.

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