Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bottle Dump

I've been diggin' in the woods,
in search of some good spring finds!

It can be frustrating sifting through 
broken glass & rusty tin for any 
surviving vintage bottles.

A bit of luck struck when i found
this beauty...

This is a BIG bottle.
And inside? 
A very very small fern was growing!
I found the bottle upside down,
can you tell?

In Matthew Mead's 
Upcycled Style Magazine (spring 2015),
there is a very great SIMPLE idea.
page 94
You can use adhesive photo corners
to attach an old photo to the front 
of a old flat bottle!
Why didn't I think of that?

I love the tint of this salvaged 
caustic balsam jug.

I'd say the small one looks
like an apothecary jar.

This pretty old 7up was in the swamp,
were the water is very low this year.
It was a lucky find & will look great with
a few flowers in it this summer!

This enamelware sauce pan is gonna
look great in the garden.
It's perfectly rusty!

Can you tell I love relics?
I keep a stash of odds & ends.
There might be a day where I try & 
conjure up some altered creations of 
random junk!

This light pull is sooooo darling!

I love the chippy crackle of this old pottery.
It's worth a look, even when in crumbled pieces.

I've been busy keeping my Etsy 
store stocked this spring.
Swing by the shop if you're curious.

Thanks for scrolling through my photo 
laden bottle post!  I hope you're having
a good weekend.  Happy Junking.

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