Friday, May 2, 2014

Huge Hoosier

I purchased a complete Hoosier cabinet from the local
junk yard during his garage sale.  Reluctantly I paid
his full asking price.  Many weeks months of work later, the
old piece of furniture was methodically refinished.

Originally, it all looked like the white chippy
bottom shown it the photo above.
I sanded down to bare wood,
because it was extremely chippy.
 This gave me lots of dirty work to do
during an extremely snowy & cold winter!

  A Fair amount of wood filler went into this project.
I also had to glue & clamp doors & drawers.
Amazingly, the old Hoosier still had ALL the original
hardware!  I like a rustic look, so I opted to tumble it.
This took off all the loose rust & peeling metallic finish.

I'm a huge fan of Valspar paint.  It doesn't dry tacky,
covers well, and is a great value.  Not to mention,
 it's available right up town at our feed store! 

Only two of the four glass windows survived,
 so I decided to remove the two middle doors
and leave that area as an open display spot.

The roller top was a labor of love.  I could only paint
a few boards at a time or the paint would glue them
together.  I draped them over the edge of a small garbage
can for just enough curve for it to dry right.

To my delight, the original flour bin was included.

It still had flour inside! Yummy.
The end cap was such a bonus,
since it could easily have been lost.
It doesn't screw on, just pushes on.
CRAZY....I know!

How pretty is the etched glass?
I tell myself not to dwell on the two broken
panes, but enjoy the surviving pair.
They really are the crown jewels of this Hoosier.

I should have taken before (how-to maps) 
pictures on the hardware & also the flour bin! 
 The doors needed lots of tweaking as most
 the hinges were slightly bent.  Years of use
can sure take it's tole, especially if this was
 used as kitchen cabinets & for rolling out
bread week after week, back in the day.

One last final battle was cleaning the enamel counter top.
The winning product was Bar Keepers Friend. 
It's slightly abrasive, but I didn't have to scrub very hard.
It turned out perfect...with a few rustic chips.
I love that it shows wear & has character.


And now.....
The final reveal.....
I hear a chorus of angels singing, every time I see this thing!

And now here it is in my house!

metal bread bin

 divided utensil drawer

My paint colors were:
Valspar Elfin Green (2 coats)
dry brush ~Valspar Greenhouse (lighter green)
dry brush~ brown
Dry brush paint finish:
a great alternative to sanding/distressing
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  1. it really is fabulous and i am glad you got to keep it. it seems like it was A LOT of work!! and now you can enjoy for years to come. i really like the color too!!