Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bottle Top Sign

I wanted a unique sign for my booth display this spring.
This was good practice using my new jigsaw!
I traced & cut out the shape of Minnesota from plywood.
Then I sanded the splinters off edges & painted it.
The next step was so hard on my hands.
I should not have done it all in one day.
I used pliers to flatten out bottle tops.
Then my son helped me punch holes & nail them on.
About 135 tops went on this sign!

Here is how it turned out...
truly one-of-a-kind!
The wood was reclaimed from a house being torn down.
I painted over some vinyl adhesive letters cut on my Cricut &
after the paint dried, peeled them off to reveal the wood.
The bottle tops were punched with my new favorite tool,
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  1. Amazing sign - I absolutely love it! I am going to try to sell at my first event this year and am excited and anxious about it at the same time. I would love to hear about your experience.


    1. Here is what I can share for show details. "Paypal Here" with a card swiper is super easy on a phone! A great way to take credit card payments. Bring a chair or cute stool, my show was 3 days long. By day 3, I was physically, mentally and socially exhausted. Expect nothing=no disappointment. My husband expected to get rich in a weekend. Don't set a goal, just hope to break even for your first show. You'll learn so much about what people want, buy, shopping methods, and other vendor displays. Your profit may only be insight & experience to start out with. BRING a hubby or strong college boy for lifting, set up, bathroom breaks and just plain company. Other vendors are lifesavers. They can tell you their experience, what to expect, and even what sells and when! I learned customers love "finger food" or small cheap items & trinkets. They will often buy junk you almost left at home...AND they might ask to buy part of your display! So consider what you'd do for "back up" or what you'd charge. (like suitcases, pans & crates) Price everything & bring lots of change. You may want business cards to hand out or advertise your next show location or if/where you sell online.

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