Friday, July 19, 2013


Sometimes you'll find a good old piece of furniture at a garage sale
and have no choice but to take it home & give it new life!
Even if you don't have room & don't intend to keep it!
That's what happened when I saw a sturdy old round
pedestal style RED table at a garage sale.
It had the worst case of chippy varnish I'd ever seen,
but seemed like a fairly easy project.
Three hours of sanding gave me a rustic finish.

Everyone that saw it in my garage fell in love with the color.
So the majority ruled & it stayed half sanded...
with a special touch of course!

Here is the tutorial I used to help get my design.
Using her tip on making a pattern of paper.
My charcoal paint is Forged Iron by Valspar.
After that, a few coats of Poly gave it a protective layer.
It also brought the color to life!
It went from a county coral to a vivid deep orange!
It's perfectly imperfect!
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